The process of selling a real estate - our mediation service includes the whole process related to the sale of your property. If you are interested in our real estate sales services, one of our agents arrives at the address of your real estate and takes pictures of it, we perform insights in the complete documentation and check all of it in the land registry at the municipal Court in charge. We share some advice related to the market which is relevant to form the price and it is also relevant for the presentation of the real estate. After that we bring in potential buyers for sightseeing, we negotiate the terms and conditions of a possible trade and all within our legal limits. We create the original register entry on the day we draft the contract. The real estate is then put on the agencies web site, our foreign portals on several languages and via direct contact. A joined attorney’s office drafts a pre-contract and later a sales agreement. If you wish the agency mediation service when selling your property, then you are an ordering party and you will be required to pay the agency fee which is charged from the selling price.

The process of buying a real estate – if you want our intermediation services when buying a real estate, you can either call us or complete a form which you can find on our site. You can also send us an inquiry with your wanted characteristics of your desired real estate and we will do our best to find a real estate that fits your needs. After the property was found, we will represent you, taking into account your interests in accordance with the rules of the profession. Agency fee is paid when signing the preliminary contract or contract of sale. The Agency will arrange for you to view the property, negotiate the price, make the registration of property in the Land Registry, arrange all the necessary documentation for the transfer directed by the seller to the buyer and the tax office to file a tax return.

Trading real estates
- implies all that is contained in the sale and buying of a real estate sections.